I’ve walked the path you’re on right now.

I ditched the day-to-day of feeling like there's something more — to actually find that something. And oh, how I found it! Now, I am uniquely equipped to help you do the same, because I’ve walked the path you’re on right now. Only in different shoes. 

I didn’t always have my purpose in check. Working with women through Lifestyle Coaching is where I knew I always wanted to be. So, how did I get here? To go forward, we must first quickly connect the dots looking back. 


My superpower is listening. To your hopes. To your dreams. To your struggles and the roadblocks that seemingly stop you dead in your tracks. We will keep moving — and we will do it together. 

Before we jump into my story I wanted to note that: I see you. You have it all together on the exterior. Holiday card perfect family, a loving husband who provides for your family, and a group of friends that you love to gather with. While you seemingly, “have it all,” to those looking in — something is missing. There's discontentment. So much so, that you feel guilty to admit it aloud, because by all measures, you do have it all, so why is happiness not abounding? 

This exact stream of consciousness is what ran through my head a million times before I decided to take action. 

I thought I had life figured out. I had a plan that was safe and foolproof. I got my undergraduate degree, moved to Atlanta and completed my MBA at Mercer University while also working in pharmaceutical sales. 

Then when I was five months pregnant with my first child, I got laid off, along with the entire sales force of the company, due to the recession. This would be the start of three times, in total, that I got laid off from jobs I thought were safe. 

As a career-focused woman, it took standing in the unemployment line filling out the paperwork with my Montblanc pen for me to sit back and think, “how did I get here?” I’d done everything the right way — or was it that I just did everything as I’d been told? 

Fast forward and after several moves and the birth of my second child, my life changed forever. Shortly after we moved to Denver, my husband was diagnosed with rapidly developing sarcoma. While he was in in-patient chemo, I was in survival mode. During this time of caring for my husband as best I could and keeping my kids in some resemblance of normalcy — I needed an outlet. I could no longer be consumed with hospital waiting rooms and carpool lines on repeat. I needed to carve out space for me, at a time when by all opinions of the world, it was NOT the time to carve out space for me. 

But I followed my intuition, knowing that by positively advancing myself, I would be better able to continue to nurse my husband back to health and persevere as a mother — when I had to most. That is how I began to reclaim space in my life.

During that time I completed my Life Coaching training and became a Certified Life Coach through Life Purpose Institute. In needing to reclaim space for myself, I learned how to help others reclaim that same space in their lives. 

And now, I get to do what I love — coach women in change through personalized lifestyle coaching (my passion project!), serve executives through organizational change management coaching (the career-focused woman in me loves this so much!), all while being the best mom I can be.

Helping people, just like YOU, is my currency. It’s my purpose. When I needed help the most, I turned within to learn how to help others. When I needed to carve out advancement for myself, I did so not as a means of distraction but as a means to awaken. Awaken to who I was meant to be. 

That is how I started to reclaim space in my life.


Regaining confidence. Forward movement. Freedom from self-defeating beliefs. Space to be creative. Zest for life.


Self-doubt. Putting things on the back burner. Keeping up with the Jones’. Being someone I am not. 


Spending time with my family. Teaching Pure Barre. Taking a HIIT class. Sipping a nonfat chai tea latte with a good read.


Quiet time with God + journaling. Fresh ground coffee. Workout followed by a protein shake. An early morning walk with my dogs. 



Schitt's Creek


Deep Eddy Grapefruit with Waterloo and a fresh lime


The Family on Hidden Valley Road




Hipster Barbecue Radio on Pandora


“You can’t go wrong with Elle! We met and walked through (literally miles of) issues I had no idea were holding me back.”


ready to reclaim your life?

I am here to listen. To your hopes. To your dreams. To your struggles and the roadblocks that seemingly stop you dead in your tracks. We will keep moving — and we will do it together.